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NCLOA Ethics Report:  

This report should be completed by the officials of the game in which an INCIDENT has occurred. Include the names of any witness that can substantiate the report filed below.

Official: First: Last:
Game:  Date: Location:
Level:     Varsity        Jr. Varsity     Other  
Schools: Home Visitors:

Please give all details of the incident below. Be as clear as possible and include the names of those involved in ALL instances. (Use another sheet if needed)

  • This report is to be completed and sent within 24 hours of the incident. It can be submited using this online form or use this Word Doc or PDF and emailed or the US postal mail.
  • Please telephone a member of the Ethics Committee when the report is filed.
  • The members of the Ethics Committee are located on the Administration page of this website.
  • You will be contacted ASAP to discuss and set up a conference regarding this report. This is a confidential matter…PLEASE handle it with discretion.