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Part 1 - Uniform, Appearance and Conditioning
Excellent Good Fair Poor
Wears Proper Uniform Patches, Flag, Assoc.
Keeps up with Pace of Play Is physically fit
Able to recover & make multiple Transitions
Demonstrates “Alert” Posture

Part 2 - Pre-Game / On & Off Field
Excellent Good Fair Poor
Reviews Pre-Game with Partner
Arrive on field 20 minutes prior to game
Perform all pre-game duties properly Coaches, Captains, Table

Part 3 - Rule Knowledge & Application
Excellent Good Fair Poor
Applies rules accurately
Applies Play-On Properly
Calls necessary player safety violations
Apply simultaneous fouls correctly
Demonstrates good judgment
Anticipates game situations

Part 4 - Mechanics, Signals & Positioning
Excellent Good Fair Poor
Proper Face-off Mechanics
Demonstrates proper manner in reporting calls and signals
Gives appropriate signals
Positions well in settled situation – gets to the lines
Good field movement Moves with play
Hustles up as new Lead to cover Goal/end line

Part 5 - Communications with Crew & Bench / Coach / Players
Excellent Good Fair Poor
Communicates well with partner
Demonstrates effective teamwork with partner
Communicates effectively with Coach
Ensure player knows he is being penalized
Preventative Officiating
Inform Goalie of position of restarts

Part 6 - Game Management
Excellent Good Fair Poor
Understands Advantage/Disadvantage
Good Live Ball & Dead Ball Officiating
Hustle to position after goals and penalties
Recognize game flow and makes adjustments
Be aware of an increased level of body checking

Part 7 - Comportment / Professionalism / Confidence
Excellent Good Fair Poor
Shows a positive attitude toward the game, and people involved
Handles Pressure Does not get intimidated
Demonstrates Authority over the game
Handles challenges effectively
Strong Field Presence

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