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Nassau County Lacrosse Officials Association, Inc.

Message from the President

August 1, 2016

Fellow Officials,                 

I want to thank all of you for the honor bestowed on me becoming the president of the NCLOA. We are the premier lacrosse officials association in the country.  Hopefully I will continue the excellent leadership shown by our past presidents.  Myself and the entire NCLOA board are here to serve you and lead this association. In my first communication to the board, I said “we are in these positions because we were voted in by a majority of the membership.  We are here to represent and serve the entire membership. This includes individuals that come to us with what they feel are major problems even though the problem may not seem major to us. ” You will all have access to our board members and meetings.  You should have a “go to guy” if you have a problem.

About 70% of our membership are not on the varsity level.  We want everyone to strive to get there.  We will limit the talk about the “three man game” at our meetings because most of us are not involved with them.  It is only happening on select varsity games.  But please understand, the more three man varsity games, the more varsity officials needed.  Therefore, more JV officials will be moved up to varsity and more JH officials will be moved to JV.  We are not going to pick up more games per year.  The need for more officials will only come when more officials are needed on the field.

Education has always been very important to this association.  We need everyone to be on the same page when it comes to policy and procedure dealing with BOCES, game mechanics, uniforms, and required equipment.  These things are spoken about at our membership meetings.  If you are serious about officiating lacrosse and advancing to the varsity level, you have to come to our meetings.  You don’t want to be the guy that fellow officials look at and say, “Who’s that, I never saw him before”. Mechanics are not best learned by sitting and watching a power point even though they are a necessity. It is learning by doing.  This February will be the 4th year that we will have our three man mechanics clinic at Hofstra.  We will watch college officials doing a three man game and have clinicians explain what the officials are doing.  This year I would like to have a membership meeting “on the field”. Two man mechanics and face-off procedures can be learned by doing, not just watching.  I also want to institute an “on the field” class for the candidates.                 

In closing, I want to reiterate that the board is here to serve you.  The more you are involved and the more games you do, the better you will get.  The more we all work together, the better this association will be.                                                                        


Ed Wallace, President NCLOA