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Which Official blows the ball into play?
{2-Man Mechanics}

Presented by: Brendan Wallace
US Lacrosse Certified Clinician

The following are general guidelines/criteria for which Official should blow the ball back into play after a dead ball:

Ř    the “On” Official

Ř    the Official who is closer to the ball

Ř    the Official who will be taking the “10 second count”

When in doubt, COMMUNICATE!

The Official who is blowing the ball into play should have one arm, straight up into the air.  When he gets the “ready for play” from his partner, he then blows his whistle.  At the same time that he is blowing his whistle, he should be winding his arm.

The Official who is not blowing the ball into play, when ready, should be pointing in the direction that the team with the ball, will be going.